Sunday, 22 March 2015

Painting the Bilges!

Jamie took the motor home across to Norfolk for the weekend so he could help Nick by painting the bilges. 

He arrived on Friday evening and went to see Crocus, sending me these latest photos …


We’d had to choose a font for her name on the transom and this Disney one won the vote.  Not traditional I know but it seemed to suit her name.  This is before it was varnished over …


On Saturday morning Jamie presented himself for work and the first grey coat of bilge paint was painted.  He rang me in the evening and said he ached in places he didn’t know existed!  On Sunday he was back again for the second white coat …


Phill joined him on the Saturday and spent most of his time at Norfolk Marine in Hoveton buying or ordering loads of bits and pieces!

On Sunday he also helped with Crocus by cleaning the top of the cabin roof …


It is now only two weeks to Easter and our promised launch day!  Nick was given an Easter Bunny with a label attached saying “Easter is Cancelled”.  Poor bunny was hung by a noose in the workshop!