Monday 6 April 2015

First Sail

The morning began with a trip to Norfolk Marine to collect the bobstay which had been shortened and a burgee.  We met Nick at Crocus where he lowered the mast and attached the burgee …


Then with Jamie at the helm they left the bank and had a play on the river.  Just this once the fenders were left on but in future this will not be happening!


There were several yachts on the water as there’d been a race from Horning to Thurne, lunch and a return race back …


Crocus was moored and we said goodbye to her.  She’ll be taken out in about ten days time and fitted out inside ready for our holiday at the end of April.

Saturday 4 April 2015

Easter Saturday - Launch Day!

I can’t believe that this day has finally arrived.  We made our way to Norfolk yesterday and booked into the Travelodge at Acle after making a very emotional visit to see Crocus …


I must admit that I shed a tear – she looked so beautiful and Mike was not here to see her.

Saturday dawned dry but chilly and after breakfast Simon and I drove to Thurne Dyke while Jamie and Phill went to Crocus.  They took photos of her as she appeared from the shed …


Then we all waited at the Dyke for her to appear.  The first thing we noticed was the Easter Bunny!


The bilge pump was set to work as she began to take on water but it wasn’t nearly as bad as we’d feared …


The fizz was popped and Jamie poured some on her …


Now the fun began!  The mast was raised and shrouds attached. Homes had to be found for all the blocks and ropes - Mike had coded some of them but not all so it was trial and error. 


The boys sat amongst the gear while everyone was working …


We had a problem with the gaff and had to change the original setting as it was bowing when pulled up tight …


Finally ready and it was time to move her to a temporary mooring where Nick could keep an eye on her for about ten days.  A certain person was very pleased how well she moved down the Dyke!


Phill had taken the dogs for a run at St Benet’s Abbey so Jamie, Simon and myself were on board with Nick at the helm. 


Once moored and with Phill back from his walk, Nick took a group photo and of course the Easter Bunny was included!