Friday, 30 May 2014

On the Road Again!

Everything has been agreed with Nick in Thurne and so Crocus is on the move again.  Jamie found a transport company in Truro who were able to take her and this morning Robin from RMS Transport arrived at the harbour to collect all the large bits that we were unable to get in a car.  Mast, spars, outboard and mattresses were loaded and then we made our way to North Country where Crocus was in a shed. 

Robin had a good look at Crocus and then began the delicate job of raising her so that he could slide his trailer underneath and lower her onto it.  It was very nerve-wracking watching and I must admit I covered my eyes on a couple of occasions!!  My neighbour had come up to help and I think Robin was glad of the assistance.  The mast and spars were loaded onto the trailer beside Crocus and she was ready for her trip to Norfolk.


Once hitched up to the van she set off heading for the A30 and a shed in Truro.  She would then be turned around with a crane so she’d be facing the right way for the long journey.  Robin had a trip to Spain to do before taking her on the last part of her return to her roots.